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We are a Medical Career Mentorship group that specializes in providing a personalized approach to our students.

We have successfully helped hundreds of pre-medical students gain acceptance into medical schools and are proud to boast over a 90% medical school acceptance rate among our students!

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What our students are saying:

“I am a 41 year old practicing lawyer. I recently had a change of passion and decided to pursue a career in medicine. At first, I was incredibly lost in this competitive application process. However, MD Career Help provided me with clarity, support and encouragement, and the following year I was accepted to my first choice medical school at U of T! This was have been completely impossible without MD Career Help, thank you!!!”

“It has been my dream to become a doctor. However, the process always seemed impossible. MD Career Help made it simple for me. They showed me my strengthens, and provided clear and achievable steps all the way to medical school acceptance. I cannot thank them enough!”
“MD Career Help allows those without any advantage to reach their potential! I think many people are fit to be doctors, but not everyone has the skills to stand out in this competitive field. They were the most important factor in my acceptance to 5 Canadian medical schools!”
“MD Career Help is amazing!!! My daughter applied to medical school twice without even receiving an interview. After signing up with MD Career Help, the process became very straightforward. They pushed her to reach her potential. She can now achieve her dream as she was accepted to 3 Ontario medical schools!!”